Strange Kicks ep

by Great Thunder

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released April 19, 2013

Written, Performed and Recorded by K and K in their bedroom and basement on a 4-track in late February 2013. Kyle Gilbride played lead guitars on the song "Strange Kicks." The Cassette version will be available at

"Fade Into You" is a Non-Ep bonus track.



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anarchic musical epicureanism

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Track Name: Kees
(words: KS)
through words and paint
abstract on canvas
you drove through sunset
to a few more hours
and war and K from the bridge
or straight into sunset
elusive fame
like dry, old leaves again

everyone is wondering
where you went to
that sense of wonder
is one last bitter pill

all it took was death
or its facsimile
to run fevered thumbs
through your lonesome pages

there is no end
unless it is your own
let the cold blue water
reveal your destiny
Track Name: You Get Sad When You Cry
(words: KS)
you get sad when you cry
it's true you're not well liked
you die when you're dead
and you get hungry when you're fed

you care more about the reasons
than the fact that you're hated
can't see the forest for the trees
I think it's time that you left

better be on your way
Track Name: Just Dessert
(words: KC + KS)
you're a drum - I wear your shoes out just for fun
I recall the absent sun - it was still and it suited everyone
and subtly - drift from flesh and blood so sweet
I wore your heels on the balcony
above azalea bushes, a day dark as can be

everything was simple, nothing stayed that way
pack away your sorrows, save them for tomorrow
and maybe it's just looking back through rose-colored glasses
nothing hurt it was just dessert

you're indeed - somehow perfectly complete
you put all your money on me
I couldn't let you down I have a partial lead
respect is clean, uniform like lock and key
and you can easily fall asleep
watching the t.v. light in your tiny gleam

and we'll always fall asleep
and we'll always fall asleep
and we'll always fall asleep
Track Name: Wormhole
(words: KC)
I hear the warmth of a simpler day
we drift through its hopeless decay
and the visible mastery, cut-out and unforeseen
and nobody wants to wait
you win only if you don't play

forward or we're cheated by time
dried out or double on the dime
and it's a barren and awful haze
done in a million ways
you fold or you're cheated by time
Track Name: Strange Kicks
(words: KS)
mama hides her face
papa needs his medicine
I can't close my eyes
but, I don't say a thing

I will quit my home
adventure in the slipstream
keep to the back roads
no one knows me there

you will find me here