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Lp out on Salinas Records -
Casette out on Stupid Bag -
Available everywhere else through Wichita Records -


released December 10, 2013

**recorded in the first half of 2013 by KS in the comfort of our own home**

KC - guitar, vocals, piano, keyboards
KS - guitar, vocals, bass, drums, percussion, harmonica, autoharp, synths and keyboards

Kyle Gilbride - spiritual guidance, mastering, atmospheric guitar on "Virgin Snow" and lead guitar on "Neon Swan"
Jeff Bolt - drums on "A Soft Spot For Bruised Fruit"
Stephen Spencer - guitar solo on "Gone For Good"
Perry Shall and KS - layout and design



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anarchic musical epicureanism

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Track Name: Liebe
Grosen doner.
Groovy art von liebe.
Track Name: Virgin Snow
Drag your pencil across sound expecting order
what passes for news is dictionary and calendar
in the grooves passing judgement to judges
who eat meals which disgust for the purpose of disgusting themselves.
I don't want you to know my name
I don't want you to have my number
please stop following me, don't go, please follow me
I need you to hate me and you need me to hate and I hate you for it.
Eat it to speak it- no fork or spoon
face down in the bowl, lapping hungrily
looking out with hatred you're bound to find what it is you're looking for.

You're told something is going on, but you're not sure what it is. You won't be the last to know, to trample in the virgin snow. Someone hands a page to you, you fill it up with blessings to make or break this broken record and whistle while you work.

It's just another dream gone horribly wrong
and everyone's getting in our way
with their hands in our pockets
eating grapes off the wallpaper with one foot in the undertow.
There's spiders nesting in its hair
and it feeds, and it feeds, and it feeds its tapeworm
and all you really need to end it all is a deck of cards.
Track Name: Poor Light
Poor light and wet rocks
You left with no answers
I found my peace under the tropic of cancer.
If you rush in you'll sleep through your old age
and all your past praises will fit on the first page.
Track Name: Being Wrong
I don't wanna hear you out, no
or hear your side of it.
I wanna keep you at arms length
for no good reason at all
then bring your back around
to take out all my anger on.
We'll test the limits of your patience
to prove there are no saints.

I'm not going anywhere, forever I remain being wrong.

Put you up on a pedestal
just to rip the rug from under you.
Run you through the ringer
then disregard your mettle.
I'll sing a song of evil things
I do with bitter joy
and narrow fools will sing along.
They'll applaud my honesty.
Track Name: Can't Turn Her Head
they swear to try anything
but her resolve is oak
she don't care much for jokes
and you'll regret every speaking.

catch your death of cold
admiring her fire
and you sure as hell can't win or buy her.

suitors send propositions
through disembodied channels
broken hearts under flannel
she shuns their displays

the avenues are dead
but they still try
you sure as hell can't turn her head.

Would you believe she's got eyes for me?
Track Name: Jackson Browne
Wrote another song a lot like Jackson Browne might sing
sixpence or better I hope; I don't know
I know I got no business walking in the treads
and maybe I should leave it unsung.
So, we dropped all the instruments and this is all that's left
a rusty set of vocal chords, a song a lot like this.

So, put it in your pipe and smoke it
in the back of your jeans
put it somewhere, where you can't find it
a songs, just another song.

Here's to all the thunder thieves, the damn good reference points.
Safety blanket, helium, things are looking up.
You'll never be the bridesmaid, always doomed to be the bride
there's dust in every corner where the melody resides.

a song, just another song, consider it sung.
Track Name: Happening Scene
Lookin' fine in your sequin dress
dressed down to the Nines, you're a perfect mess
Pretty boys make bands
Let the bad guys dance and let the tone deaf sing.
You got a happening scene.
Sincerity is endangered
Irony is in stunning relief
there's no such thing as a stranger
when mama's on the dance floor shaking like a leaf.
You got a happening scene.
Track Name: Don't Be Sorry
I got something
I hate it at night
I got something
It stays and it fights
You and all my friends
I got something
on the verge of what?
I got something
growing in my gut
I hear you through the floor.
Track Name: Neon Swan
Life imitates art
only half as true
as the games of light
which play over you.
I asked if i might trouble
you for a smoke
we both know the trouble
doesn't lie in smoking.

playing hard to get
but, I wasn't playing hard at all.

We were very tired
terribly merry
two blind cigarettes
with the gulf of night before us.
Stealing furtive glances
we're baited through and through,
with glasses to our lips
to obscure the view.
So, draw back your lines
they bear no more casting
"you were more than time...
you were lasting" (Julio Cortazar)

playing hard to get
but, I wasn't playing hard at all.

Now we trace brilliant arcs
in landscapes of smoke
as sunrise fights its way to you
through slips of curtain.
You led me into evening
to where we lay beside the dawn.
They'll hang no frames upon us
for we are no swan.

playing hard to get,
but I wasn't playing hard at all.
Track Name: The Kids Are All Rain
Lyrics: KS
Track Name: Living On A Stain
I see you, at your window
with wide eyes, looking down at everybody
safe inside, where it's clean
and you let others get your kicks for you.

the cage you're in is a safety net of sorts

You see them, out in the world
and you think "oh, no that will never be me"
you sit there and enjoy the view
because there's a chance you'll become unclean.

the cage you've built is a safety net of sorts and we're all out on the stain, living on a stain, I can not complain.
Track Name: I Love You So Much I Could Kill Myself Because I Hate My Parents
"the grim museum... uninvented music... with a multitude of flags... the music's loud but somehow dim..." (Elizabeth Bishop)

this breath i breathe for thee, my love, my lovely. i've never been in love for real but i've seen it in a movie. when i bring my heart to you, please don't say that it ain't true. everyone is telling me that i'm probably gonna creep you out.

i love you so much i could kill myself because i hate my parents.

this blood i bleed for thee, my love, my lovely. stealing lines from songs i love you really made a thief of me. "i've never felt like this before i say that every hour." no one understands me here, they're just jealous of what's ours.
Track Name: Singer's No Star
Mostly all the time will go to you
Coming up for air for all the people who
Recognize a sadness in a stranger with less to lose

We get comfortable with our detachments to our oldest friends and you’ve got me here while I’m left alone
I’m not the only think you ever left

If I were to spoil a victory
or accept all of your trusting praise in spite of me
would you recognize the failure in my voice before I leave

And we sit on a crowded ship
Its not the ending that’s the tragic part
If you’d get off my shoulders and sit beside me we would both be fine
Track Name: Cruisin' For A Bruisin'
take me where the rats hide when it rains
with a long list of ways to end our pain
blindfold these eyes
and bury me alive
don't wanna be around to see how it turns out

cruisin' for a bruisin'
and got away scott free
and I'm dead set
to make a mess of things

keep me at arms length if you see fit
with no rhyme or reason to abandon ship
cover me in doubt
and keep the light out
I'm not gonna be around to see how it turns out.
Track Name: Punk Couple
looking cool down the avenue
hand in hand with nothing to do
paying visits to their friends at work
shoot the shit, collect the perks

spend the weekend at his mother's
hit up the thrift stores in the suburbs
switch the tags on the overpriced wares
no one fusses, no one cares
eat mcdonalds as a joke
stand outside, share a smoke
punk couple talks about the weather
and how they're gonna start a band together
Track Name: Gone For Good
that fevers all gone - for worse or better
I think more clearly, no heart paying mind
the sun is empty - the desert is frozen
5 drops tumble down as rocks on an angle less than kind

leave the beasts to the wild - leave the wild in the beast
defend yourself, if need be
you sleep lighter now and much more gracefully
just look at the breath - I sleep stone, tumbling
Track Name: Sorta Prima Donna
your love ain't free
you are purer in bare feet
oh, whiskey, bring me all of your harmony
reality, you don't know it, my enemy
oh, vanity, brings you all of your harmony
Track Name: Ladysmith's Breaking Point
Ladysmith's walking a thin line
the one her mother warned her about
she knows about her father's side
they don't stop until the last drop
"...the body is a bundle of aches
longing for rest it cries when it wakes." (Edna St. Vincent Millay)
she stretches her limbs towards bitter fruit
greeting the worm, no, she won't stop
coming on, like the dawn

Living don't seem all it's cracked up to be
went out looking for something more
first in a long line of bad ideas
we all saw it coming on like the dawn
all hail the proud pariah
hangs around with the lepers
she's been down so long it seems
it'd just be quicker to go to hell.
Coming on, like the dawn

Well, nothing moves her
she's too numb to care
she don't feel a thing.
Track Name: It Takes So Much
shout from the roof that you know something better
and you run to your proof, to a fault, to your failure
it's a knife, only safe when it don't shine

I say you will see it clearly give it some time
I say you will leave all of your failure behind
take it out, take it out, take it out on me baby

you shake to the beat, you heard it slow
and it washes all the weight of default and what's severe
you're the only one tonight in the absence of the light

I say you will hit the bottom harder each time
I say you can leave all of your failure behind
take it out, take it out, take it out on me baby
Track Name: Coming Home Tonight
what's lost can always be found
but hearts sink to the parting sound
leaving has meaning too
it means coming back to you.
i will come back to you
I will come back to you.
Track Name: Chapel Of Pines
Mississippi, I'm alone in the alley
What am I Supposed to be fighting for?
If you build yourself up tall you can tell me what the future holds.
Would you settle where you stand and keep it to yourself,

or would you go?
Track Name: Plain
I don't wanna be a woman
I don't wanna be a man
I don't wanna be anything you can see or hold right in your hand
I don't wanna be tomorrow
I don't wanna be today
I don't wanna be hopeful or happier, I don't wanna say

we will be buried next to our parents and our friends and our kids, too
without much of a memory, a gold heirloom wedding ring,
misery is ready to leave

I don't wanna be a drag
I don't wanna complain
I don't wanna say anything you can hear or easily explain
I don't wanna be tomorrow
I don't wanna be today
I don't wanna be holy or hallowed and I don't wanna pray

or gratefully face the night sky - bitter brown veins in my eyes
without much of a memory, and ear for pretty melody
misery is ready to leave
Track Name: Mine For A Spell
you were mine for a while
and you stuck around as long as you could
I was yours for a spell
left up to me, you know i still would be

all my witchy ways can't sway you
they don't stand a chance
all the spells i've cast your way
can't summon your return

and when you left the sun quit its rising
stranded in darkness in the half-light of the moon
if you decide to make your way home
my green candle will lead you to my door
Track Name: Fake Foreign Blisters
up tight, the exits are all sealed
from the corner scrape to feel
dead eyes, stubborn point of pride
no one is getting out alive

it was just sitting there
the table held its place
I struggle with myself
not to wear it on my face
sit with all my knowing
not knowing what to do
to share this burdened knowledge
to make things weird for you

flash bulb, the entrance is crucial
down, down, clocks tick to kill you
fixed stare, blink twice you miss it
covered, in fake foreign blisters
Track Name: You Left Me With An Ocean
you can't say goodbye
you rip out its lungs
and you let it die
or haunting the hall
and swimming in the garbage
the dirty and the fallen
and who am i to say
you left me with an ocean
on this rotten day
because I swim in it too
Track Name: I Am Low
somewhere i fell out of your grace and make believe i don't know where
i'm too far down to make peace
it drives you mad, the sight of my face, can't pretend that i don't care.
She doesn't care for me.

done you wrong, the shame's all mine

all i can give you now is space, i can't say that i blame you much
earned every bit of shame i keep
i hear you wish i didn't exist, i guess that that makes two of us.
She was a friend of mine

i am low, that's all i am
Track Name: Unfinished Business
leave your mark on me
i want their jealousy
so, leave your mark on me
all your ghosts are out
the world enters the house
i want their jealous stares
so leave your mark on me